All files about HTC Flyer 4G , expresskt, p515e ... and fix problems for free

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    Hi friends;
    I have these files ..
    • RUU_Express_KT_KT_KR_1.22.1010.1_Radio_20.35c.30.089BU_3809.06.05.01_M_release_197793_signed.exe
    • RUU_Express_KT_KT_KR_1.24.1010.1_Radio_20.35c.30.089BU_3809.06.05.01_M_release_199840_signed.exe
    Custom Recovery:
    • Recovery_p515e_HC.img
    • Recovery_p515e_GB.img
    Riff box file;
    • HTC_Flyer4G_PG4130000.dll
    I am collecting all original files for Device "HTC Flyer 4G" ...
    We need this file;
    We can upgrade rom from 1.24.1010.1 ... to ... 1.29.1010.3 .... then to ... 2.27.1010.12 .. via OTA
    but with that file, you don't need OTA files .. to get version 2.27.1010.12

    Any one can help me to get this file, and I will help any one for free in any problem in this device P515E.
    I am waiting your problem in this device to fix it.

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  2. mbakeer

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    I can help in these Topics;
    • Root.
    • Enter to options of original recovery;
    • Install OTA manually;
    • Downgrad from HC to GB;
    • Install custom rom or RUU;
    • Install custom recovery, making backup nandroid.
    • Fixing internal sdcard problems.
    • may others
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    you can share link free in here
    thank so much
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